white stripes - wasting my time – night light

white stripes - wasting my time

----------------------------------- | Wasting My Time | | Words and Music by Jack White | | Tabbed by Patrick Ferris | ----------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Tab Definitions: | | Am: x02210 | | E: 022100 | | B5: x422xx | | D5: x577xx | | D#5: x699xx | | E5: x977xx | | h: Hammer onto note | | p: Pull off of note | | b: Bend note less than a half step | | /: Slide to note | | ~: Slow bending vibrato with whammy bar | |P.M.: Palm Muting | |N.C.: No Chord played | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VERSE 1: Am And if I'm wasting my time E Then nothing could be better B5 Than hanging on the line D5 E D5 E And waiting for an honest word forever (yeah) Am (some P.M.) E B5 D5 D#5 E5 E e|-0-3-5-5/7-5-3-0----0----------------------------0~-------------------------------------------------- B|--------------------1----------------------------0~-----------3-------------------------------------- G|--------------------2-------------------------------------2h4---4p2p0-2-0-4--7-7--8-8-8--9----------- D|------------------2-2--------------------------2--------------------------4--7-7--8-8-8--9--------2-- A|------------------0-0--------------------------2--------------------------2--5-5--6-6-6--7--------2-- E|-----------------------0h3-3h5-5h7-7p5p3p0-3b--0----0-3-0-----------------------------------3-3-0-0-- VERSE 2: N.C. Am And if you're saying gooodbye E Please don't you think me bitter B5 For recalling every rhyme D5 E D5 E From the book, the page, the line, the word, the letter (yeah) Am E B5 D5 D#5 E D5 E D E e|-0-3-5-5/7-5h7p5-3-3h5p3-0-0~--------------------------0~--0-----3p0--------------------------------------------- B|---------------------------1~--------------------------------3p0---------3--------------------------------------- G|---------------------------2~----------------------------------------3h4---4-2bp0--4--7-7--8-8-8-----7-----7----- D|---------------------------2~------------------------------------------------------4--7-7--8-8-8--2--7--2--7--2-- A|---------------------------0~------------------------------------------------------2--5-5--6-6-6--2--5--2--5--2-- E|-------------------------------0h3-3h5-5h7-7-3-5-3b-0---------------------------------------------0-----0-----0-- VERSE 3: Am Well, the window's turning blue E And the water's ever-flowing B5 And I hope I'm not a fool D5 E D5 E For laughing at myself as you are going