white stripes - this protector – night light

white stripes - this protector

----------------------------------- | This Protector | | Words and Music by Jack White | | Tabbed by Patrick Ferris | ----------------------------------- The difficulty behind this transposition is that Jack plays D and C lower on the piano than he does F and E, which are the low notes when played on guitar. You could use an octave divider (and some quick footwork) or you could use Open C tuning. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Tab Definitions (Standard Tuning): | | D: xx0232 | | F: 133211 | | C: x577xx | | E: 022100 | | *: does not apply | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Tab Definitions (Open C Tuning: CGCEGC): | | D: 222222 | | F: 555555 | | C: 000000 (or 054000) | | E: 444444 | | E7: 444474 (use little finger for 7) | | D*: Octave higher (hard to make it sound good on guitar: 14|14|14|14|14|14 you could just play | | the high strings of D) | | E*: See above (16|16|16|16|16|16) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO: 2x D F C D* (mime note - D* = G works fine) Spoken (Meg): D F I never thought that C D* D I had to be this protector F So many thoughts are in my head C D* A strange collector CHORUS: D F C D* But now D F C D* But now D F C D* But now E Now, now, now, now, now E* E* D F C You thought you heard a sound D* D F C There's no one else around D* D F C Looking at the door D* D F It's coming through the floor E E7 E E7 VERSE/BRIDGE/NOT THE CHORUS: D F Three hundred people C D* D Living out in West Virginia F Have no idea of C D* All these thoughts that lie within ya CHORUS D D*