modest mouse - perfect disguise – night light

modest mouse - perfect disguise

modest mouse - perfect disguise tabbed by: CMM email: (Main riff) e|-0-----0----------0-----0---------| B|---1h2---2----------1h2---2-------| G|-----------4\2-2------------4\2-2-| D|----------------------------------| A|----------------------------------| E|----------------------------------| (2nd part/variation #1) e|--------------------------------------------| B|-----2-0----0---2-0-------------------------| G|----------2---------2-2---4\2---4-2---4---2-| D|--------------------------------------------| A|---2----------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------| (2nd Part/Variation #2) e|----------------------------------------| B|-----2-0----0---2-0---------------------| G|----------2---------2-2---4\2-------4-2-| D|----------------------------------------| A|---2------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------| (2nd Part/Variation #3) e|---------------------------------------| B|-----2-0----0---2-0--------------------| G|----------2---------2-2---4\2----------| D|---------------------------------------| A|---2-----------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------| (Verse Chords) e|-2-----0--| B|-2-----0--| G|-4-----2--| D|-4-----2--| A|-2-----0--| E|----------| Bsus2 Asus2 Well, you've got the Perfect disguise and you're lookin' o.k. From the bottom of the best of the worst, well what can I say? Cuz you cocked your head to shoot me down And I don't give a damn about you or this town no more No, but I know the score Need me to fall down, so you can climb up Some fool ass ladder, well good luck I hope, I hope there's something better up there Cuz you cocked your head to shoot me down And I don't give a damn about you or this town no more No cuz I know the score broke my back, broke my back, broke my back