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Looking for some kind of heart inside this great machine.


Founding Engineer, 2022–present, London, UK / Seattle, WA / San Francisco, CA
Principal engineer for a Y Combinator startup taking on the challenge of rapidly scaling the workforce needed to confront the climate crisis by electrifying our economy.
Rewiring America /
Act Now Coalition

Principal Engineer, 2021–2022, Seattle, WA / San Francisco, CA
Directed frontend and product to help tackle the climate crisis from an electrification standpoint via public policy.
Worked with U.S. Senators and Representatives to create, influence, and pass the Inflation Reduction Act replacing 1 billion machines in the U.S. that urgently need to be installed or replaced with clean alternatives. Worked with a team climate scientists led by the pre-eminent inventor Saul Griffith.
In another project with Act Now, worked with the WHO to create a global COVID-19 access tracker.
Principal Engineer, 2019–2021, Seattle, WA / New York City, NY
Directing frontend and product for the progressive volunteer platform.
Used by non-profits, labor unions, the Democratic presidential primary campaigns (Sanders, Warren, Biden, etc.), and in the 2020 general election for Biden/Harris, up and down the ballot at the federal, state, and local levels.
Mobilized voters to oust the Orange Abberation from office and take back the Senate for a federal trifecta.
Acquired by EveryAction/NGP VAN.
Staff Engineer, 2014–2018, San Francisco, CA
Founding frontend engineer on Dropbox Paper from inception to launch, having an influence in almost every aspect of a product that has an enormous surface area, combining: an editor, task manager, slideshow creator, spreadsheet tool, and wiki.
Learned more about a contentEditable editor and OT than any reasonable person should.
Magically merged React into our 10-year-old brownfield codebase.
Dropped cats in boxes, tested lifespan.  
Founding Engineer, 2013–2014, London, UK
Founding frontend engineer on Hackpad, a Y Combinator startup. Acquired by Dropbox.
Became what is today known as Dropbox Paper. (see above)
Frontend Engineer, 2012–2013, Paris, France
Bringing culture to the web through the Cultural Institute.
Projects included Yad Vashem, Nelson Mandela Foundation, Musée d'Orsay, and many other museums and foundations.  
Hello, world. Founder, 2011–present, Paris, France originally
Federated social web blog and RSS reader.
Passes swat0!
Bsed on my custom, opinionated fork of create-next-app (used to be create-react-app) called all-the-things.
Created alongside a companion technical guide to modern frontend programming.
FireSSH Founder, 2010–2017, Portland, OR
The free, secure, cross-platform SSH terminal client for Mozilla Firefox.
Written entirely in Javascript!
Based off of the Python project paramiko.
YouTube Frontend Engineer, 2007–2010, San Bruno, CA
One of the initial frontend engineers at YouTube.
Maintained the watch page, viewed well over 2 billion times a day.
Spearheaded campaign to drop IE6 support. You're welcome, web developers and Internet users!
Implemented measures to reduce front-end latency by more than 50%.
Worked in a loving environment.

Main accomplishments:
  - front-end lead on watch page
  - front-end lead on browse and search pages
  - reduced latency saved 35% in inbound traffic
  - reduced thumbnail traffic by 15%
  - reduced watch page size by 28%
  - front-end lead on 'watch v.4' project, tighter design
  - front-end lead on 'watch 960', widening the entire site
  - front-end lead on 'watch v.5' project, complete redesign of video page
  - front-end lead on experimental AJAX watch page
  - mass reorganization of CSS/JS files and content
The Rock Hard Times Founder, 2006–2008, Portland, OR
A comprehensive, user-editable site for all things music.
Only the most rockin' music database ever invented.
Mozdev Group Software Engineer, 2006, Portland, OR
Worked with a tightly integrated team developing custom browser distributions.
and plugins based on the world-class Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird projects.
Developed in C++, XUL, Javascript, XBL, and related Mozilla technologies.
Learned cross-platform software developing techniques (Windows, Linux).
Clients included: Earthlink, Linspire, Angelsoft.
Rho Trading
and Securities
Software Engineer, 2005, Chicago, IL
Co-developed an in-house trading application written in C#/C++.
Wrote many GUI applications that perform various tasks on the trading platform.
Wrote library using an API to connect to a trading exchange.
Acquired knowledge of working on a large-scale, multi-threaded .NET project.
FireFTP Founder, 2004–2017, Zagreb, Croatia originally
The free, secure, cross-platform FTP/SFTP client for Mozilla Firefox.
Charityware that's been downloaded more than 25 million times.
A small testament to the open source movement.

DEFUNCT/RANDOM PROJECTS (or how I learned to stop worrying and learn from my failures)

2020Madness 2020 Madness was an online social game designed to raise money for the eventual Democratic candidate in the election.
AIMfire A free, cross-platform AIM client for Mozilla Firefox.
The Largest River A stripped-down, minimalistic Amazon.com store proxy.


B.A. in Computer Science
4.0 GPA, Summa Cum Laude

Minor in Physics
Ball State University, Muncie, IN 2002-2004

Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies
Stanford University, 2018

Machine Learning Specialization
Stanford University / DeepLearning.AI, 2023

Deep Learning Specialization
DeepLearning.AI, 2023

AI For Good
DeepLearning.AI, 2023


Languages/Technologies Typescript, Javascript, React, Next.js, PostgreSQL, MySQL, GraphQL/Apollo, Go, Python, XUL, HTML, CSS, PHP, C#, C/C++
Spoken Languages English (Fluent), Croatian (Fluent), French (Proficient), Spanish (Proficient)


Writer Wrote a modern, technical coding guide for frontend web development.
Volunteer During summers, help take care of children from an orphanage in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Proceeds from the FireFTP project went towards helping out this particular orphanage.

Supporter of LGBT rights: proceeds from the FireFTP project also go towards helping things get better in the U.S, Croatia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Built a natural cob home on Pine Ridge Reservation to help foster community and sustainable living.

Worked in Trsteno, Croatia to help restore an arboretum destroyed by a fire.

Worked at Habitat for Humanity.

Helped out at Free Geek, an organization dedicated to recycling and refurbishing used computer systems.

Planting leader at the Friends of the Urban Forest to help plant trees everywhere in San Francisco.

Musician Tamburica player (for Croatian musical ensemble in Chicago).
Photographer Work showcased on personal website.