starlight mints – night light

starlight mints

starlight mints promo work

by Mime Čuvalo and with help from Michele Wylen

the mint mobile

behold, the splendor.
yeah, so i kinda went all out on this project. i attached 12 starlight mints to each poster with
info on the upcoming show on the back of each piece of candy. you know, people like candy so i think it's a pretty good way to promote it.
it's good stuff - the stores i gave posters too really liked the idea.

i did the same for all the stickers - attached a starlight mint to each (there were like 60-something).
i also wrote info on the upcoming show on the back of each.

inside 'backspace' - downtown portland

'stumptown coffee' in southeast portland - happenin' place

outside 'the laughing planet' - good burritos if you're ever in town

ha! we put one up on entryway to chinatown! don't worry we took it down as soon as we put it up.
we just thought it looked damn good posted there.

i didn't take many pics of the stickers but basically i just passed them around to different stores.

on SE hawthorne - busy part of the city


double ditto

NW 23rd street (or 'Trendy-third' as they like to call it)

serendipity! as we walked into 'music millenium' - they were playing the new mints cd! totally awesome.
they were like 'hell, yeah we'd like some posters!'

so posters are what we gave them (standing with one of the store's managers)

looking into the store - basically it's like bam! the first thing you see when you walk in up the little walkway

'stumptown coffee' in downtown portland - we gave them one of the two promo cds i had to play - they were glad to have it

inside of "dante's" were the mints will be playing on may 11th - they were stoked to have some
(they said they'd it hang it up themselves later)

gave one to 'everyday music' - cool music shop in downtown

powell's bookstore - the place to be if you're a portlander.

another one in powell's

one in the 'red & black' cafe

and one outside the 'red & black' cafe

the 'cup &' saucer' cafe and also next to 'the red light' clothing store

the 'bagdad' movie theatre in the background - awesome place to check out a flick!

outside 'new seasons' grocery store

afterwards, my friend and i celebrated a job well done at 'montage' - great place to eat
we gave them the other promo cd that i had - they blast the music there while you eat - and they were happy to have it
we'd like to think that the little aluminum foil leftover thingy is a black cat :)

autographs! (from two years ago on the 'built on squares' tour)

includes the starlight mints, dressy bessy, and palomar

↓ marian's signature on a custom's form for shipping a package to me while i was in croatia ↓

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