starlight mints - zillion eyes – night light

starlight mints - zillion eyes

starlight mints - zillion eyes tabbed by mime čuvalo G: 355433 C: 335553 Bm:224432 F#:244322 D: 557775 Am:002210 A: 002220 PROGRESSION: G C Bm F# Bm D G C Bm F# D alright, so i would tab out all of the notes here but i think that's just a little overkill for me you have the basic progression - play around with it and you can figure it out there's a zillion eyes but there's just one of you charming butterflies but catchin' clouds that still mean G D F# any word I can speak Am A F# just wind it up, you doll G cus you're the sum of invention 'til the music stops i don't know why i try (?) to see how long i can stumble through stairways down your spine i i try to see through a zillion eyes G D F# any words that feel cheap Am A F# just wind them up, you doll G tell me something that matters F# G# just wind it up and show you the pattern F# D G C... you're the sum of invention 'til the music stops riff 1st string - -7-6-7-6-7-3-2-5-6-5-3- 2nd -8-8-8-8-8-5-3-7-7-7-5-