starlight mints - rinky dinky – night light

starlight mints - rinky dinky

starlight mints - rinky dinky tabbed by mime čuvalo (note: i'm very not sure about this whole song - a 2nd opinion would be nice) tiny riff 5th string: -4-6-4-6- Ebm:668876 Bbm:688666 B: 224442 G#m:466444 F# :244322 Eb :668886 G# :466544 Bb :113331 Ebm Bbm Ebm Bbm Ebm B G#m F# Ebm B G#m F# Eb Bbm Eb Eb (mixed with Bbm) livin' is clear but it's not very easy Ebm swimmin' on down to the old rinky dinky fillin' me up G# like a clause F# Ebm to your matches and your cars F# Bbm (help me find (?)) i said a race in my town (?) with cloud and an easel (? alright for rest of the lyrics ditto) pullin' the hair of the man on the nickle to tired to crawl G# Bb i don't care at all G# cus where the hometown finger on the beat of the crutch C# pickin' our lips on F# a buttercup G# provin' these sounds come from who know where C# holdin' me down F# cus you're throwin' me around G# G F# Bb A G# G# A Bb like a like a prune like walking canes and trolley cars and the holy ghost and the frozen stars dog and the dog in the crow and the kitten chummin' like chaps from the old ? of britain fillin' me up with her paws and matches it sounds like a town but it tastes like a city you can pick it up cus it's not very heavy but you're too tired to crawl i don't mind we don't win i don't care at all cus you're bringin' me down like a sunken ship usin' my name on egjle crip (?) swallow my hands and you won't get burned holdin' me around cus you're throwin me around takin' me down to the dark side of town you're holdin' me round cus you're rowin' me around G# G F# F F# G G# A Bb B C F F# G G# D C# C Bb A G# G# A Bb like a like a chalk full of cha-cha like a prune(?) Ebm Bbm