sleater-kinney - wilderness – night light

sleater-kinney - wilderness

sleater-kinney - wilderness tab Kenny and Linda on the way to Chelan Transmission's shot, no back up plan Will they hitch a ride? Or get into a fight? Move to the West Coast Pack up their things The winters are gray Now so are the dreams They tried, to make it all right All out little wishes have run dry Made it to the water, waded in the lies When we felt the heat Couldn't turn it into fire Too caught up in our own desires Said "I do" in the month of May Said "I don't" the very next day Will they try again? Or is it doom for them? Moved to a city Where hippies run wild Everything's white Now so are their smiles They tried, to fight the good fight We're split right in half It's making me crazy A two-headed brat Tied to the other for life A family feud The Red and the Blue now It's truth against truth I'll see you in hell, I don't mind