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modest mouse - here it comes

modest mouse - here it comes Tabbed by: Adam Soliman main riff: e------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ b----------------------------12 10------------------------------------------------- g-9h11--------------------------------9h11------------------------------------ d------------9-----12-----------------------------9--------12-------------------- a----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- verse is these notes strummed with a kinda slangy wrist(listen to cd for timing) e----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- b------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ g-9- 9- 9-11-11-11----------------------------------------------------------------- d------------------------9(0r 12th)------------------------------------------------ a------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hope it helps! or Part 1 e----|------------5/7-5---------------|------------5/7-5---------------| B----|5h7p0---3---------5h7p0-7-------|5h7p0---3-----------5h7p0---3---| G----|--------------------------------|--------------------------------| D----|--------------------------------|--------------------------------| A----|--------------------------------|--------------------------------| E----|--------------------------------|--------------------------------| Part 2 |Dsus2 D Bm |Dsus D Dsus2 | e----|0-------3-------2--------x------|0-------3-------0---------------| B----|2-------2-------3--------x------|2-------2-------2---------------| G----|3-------3-------4--------x------|3-------3-------3---------------| D----|--------0-------4--------x------|--------0-------0---------------| A----|--------------------------------|--------------------------------| E----|d---d-u-d---d-u-d---d-u--m------|d---d-u-d---d-u-d---------------| Walked to your house on my lunch break, here it comes Come inside and pour a drink, here it comes You'll probably tell me everything you think, here it comes The place and the time when we knew everything could go wrong Grass grows green, could you step away from the screen Doesn't mean I dont want you to be seen, just like everyone Grass grows green and its just everyone You always told me lifes a dam that breaks, here it comes If you sit still or if you're wrong well, here it comes So now we're drownin in birthday cakes well, here it comes The place and the time where we knew everything could go wrong Keep it clean, I didn't mean to be mean, why does it always seem like I've never won Keep it clean an no ones ever won The empty promise will make you sick, here it comes Make a point to make no sense, well, here it comes Speak about the future in the past tense, here it comes Don't look down so what'd we do, here it comes Walkin around with shit on our shoes, ohh well here it comes The place and the time where we knew that things would go wrong