modest mouse - sytrofoam boots – night light

modest mouse - sytrofoam boots

modest mouse - sytrofoam boots Tabbed by: CMM Email: (Intro) e|---3----3----------------3----3--------------3----3----------------------| B|---3----3----------------3----3--------------3----3----------------------| G|----------------2p0-0-------------2p0-0-------------------2p0-0---2p0-0--| D|------------2p0-------------------------0-------------2p0----------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-3----3---3------------3----3--------------3----3---3--------------------| e|-------------------3----3----------------3----3-----------------3----3---| B|-------------------3----3----------------3----3-----------------3----3---| G|----------0-2-0-----------------2p0-0------------2p0h2p0-----------------| D|--2p0h2p0-------------------2p0--------------------------2p0-------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------3----3---3------------3----3-----------------3----3---3-| e|-------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------| G|-----2p0-0--2p0-0---------0-2-0------| D|-2p0--------------2p0h2p0------------| A|-------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------| (Verse) e|---3---3---3---3--| B|---3---3---3---3--| G|---0---0---0---0--| D|------------------| A|------------------| E|-3---3---3---3----| ("Chorus" Chords) e|-x---3-| B|-3---3-| G|-0---0-| D|-2---0-| A|-2---2-| E|-0---3-| Note: The outro is your standard G chord. Well all's not well but i'm told that it'll all be quite nice you'll be drowned in boots like Mafia but your feet will still float like Christ's and i'll be damned they were right i'm drowning upside down my feet afloat like Christ's i'm in heaven trying to figure out which stack they're going to stuff us atheists into when Peter and his monkey laugh and i laugh with them i'm not sure what at they point and say we'll keep you in the back polishing halos, baking manna and gas well some guy comes in looking a bit like everyone i ever seen he moves just like crisco disco breath 100% listerine he says looking at something else but directing everything to me ever time anyone gets on their knees to pray well it makes my telephone ring and i'll be damned he said you were right no one's running this whole thing he had a theory too he said that god takes care of himself and you of you it's all nice on ice alright and it's not day and it's not night but it's all nice on ice alright