heartbeats: 0
since:  change
seconds passed:
seconds ever passed: 0
births: 0
deaths: 0
  deaths from cancer: 0
  heart disease: 0
  infant deaths: 0
  suicides: 0
  mothers dying in childbirth: 0
  murders: 0
imprisonments: 0
rapes (reported): 0
abortions: 0
marriages: 0
divorces: 0
orgasms (per second): 0
people in the world: 0
people ever in the world: 0
living things in the world: 0
neurons fired in your head: 0
chemical reactions in your body: 0


this is something that happens
and you are something rare
and one day these numbers will go to zero
and hey you with the pretty face,
welcome to the human race!